Sports World Stephen A. Smith is not satisfied with his annual income

The personality is reportedly on the network as Stephen A. Smith earns around $8 million/year yet feels he deserves more

Smith says that "we're still black in this country. We don't always trust this country in terms of merit.

We know that the bottom line is that just as women are paid less than their male counterparts, so are blacks paid less than their white counterparts," Smith said.

"And so when you look at it from that perspective, and of course people look at me, I'm not talking about myself

Although I have news for you, I get paid less than some people on television that they get paid

But that's a subject for another day. I am not apologizing for this to a cursed soul. I have been paid less. Having said all that, this isn't about me."

It is expected that Stephen A. Smith earns up to $4 million in other salaries, so his total production may be closer to $12 million.

One fan said, "I can't even walk around someone who makes $8 million/year complaining about low pay...

Maybe it has more to do with Stephen A's lack of humility and, for many, taking away personality."