Steve Bannon threatens Dr Fauci and his family will be ‘hunted’ after midterms

Steve Bannon has threatened Anthony Fauci, saying the president's chief medical adviser and his entire family will suffer after next month's election.

On Sunday, Mr. Bannon said November 8, when we as a national political institution destroy the Democratic Party and actually end the regime.

His remarks against Dr Fauci by a federal judge in Washington last week come just days after he was fined $6,500 for criminal contempt of Congress.

Bannon said, "Remember, the War Room was removed from Twitter because of the comments I made, wait for it"

During the COVID pandemic, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases has faced attacks from Mr Bannon and several other right-wing commentators.

Mr Bannon said a second term for Donald Trump in November 2020 should begin by displaying the severed heads of Dr Fauci and Mr Ray "as a warning" at the White House.

Mr Bannon said, "Now I really want to go one step further, but I realize the president is a kind man and a good man." 

Dr Fauci, a supporter of Mr. Trump, has a security extension from April 2020 amid threats from far-right groups opposing COVID's public health measures.