Tales of the Jedi Review

Animation has proven to be an excellent vehicle for Star Wars to explore its universe, as well as in those earlier much-maligned prequel years, and Tales of the Jedi is another strong entry in that legacy.

Is Star Wars a must watch? Not really, no, but this is a well done and wonderfully animated look at two important characters, Ahsoka Tano and Count Dooku.

The tales of Jedi's bite-sized entries, all of which last between 15 and 20 minutes, divided their attention equally interestingly between Ahsoka and Dooku.

If you're looking at them in the order in which Disney+ lists them, it starts with Ahsoka as a kid, then turns into episode three about Dooku, and then goes back to Ahsoka. 

While there's no straight line between the stories told—they're all anthology-style standalones that take place at various important moments in each character's life.

You can draw some parallels between the two central characters if you dig deeper and there's a not-so-subtle sense that it matters, especially when it comes to Dooku's concerns about the Jedi Order.

For the most part, Tales of the Jedi creator and the usual Star Wars animation mastermind Dave Filoni doesn't rely on spectacle.

That's not to say that there isn't action; "Practice Makes Perfect", which focuses on Ahsoka's Padawan training, is heavier than the others on it, and the final episode "Resolve" has a thrilling climax.

The whole effort is tightly written, without any haste, how to indulge in ambience and create tension without extending the runtime to unnecessary lengths.