The Dark Legacy of Nikki Finke -casts herself as a no-nonsense reporter and puts Hollywood moguls on the truth

I have had Hundreds Of Tasty Exchanges In my Twitter DMs With Nikki Finke About A Year Back

Nikki Finke distorts the profession by weaponizing the internet to advance its bile and agenda

When we were launching Puck he wrote to me that journalism with more money and steady work is a dead profession.

He actually sent me a lot of information like this when I was editor of The Hollywood Reporter.

Nothing is important in the media and only one thing he was proud.

Over $10 million in 2009 for Deadline when he was out of work at the time gave him fame and fortune

At the time of that last transaction, he continued: "Try working as a partner

I first suspected that everyone in Hollywood was functional during Nikki Finke's reign and it was a regime