Dodgers are  facing elimination

When Freddie Freeman was signed by the Dodgers in the off-season, he had the best lineup of all time

The Dodgers won a franchise-record 111 games during the season, then lost 2-1 on Friday to the Padres

After losing to the Padres, the Dodgers will face an elimination on Saturday after a 2-1 loss to the Padres on Friday in Game 3 of the National League Department Series at Petco Park.

The Dodgers never considered themselves weak in angry times but this is the worst time ever

So far at the bottom is the perfect complimentary piece and at the top is Star Power in the Dodgers.

This is their best and deepest lineup during the largest part of the Dodgers' 10 years.

The graphic has been popping up on MLB Network and here's a fair question that's something the whole baseball world has been worrying about.

The Dodgers' lineup proved to be one of the best in the league and of all time. He led the Majors with a easy 847 runs.