MLB again offered a four-game playoff buffet with the series in the AL and NL on the same day.

The four teams with the best overall record played their first game since the end of the normal season 6 days earlier.

The Philadelphia Phillies surprised the Braves with a 7-6 win in the first game

The Philadelphia Phillies won the first game, creating a difficult situation for Atlanta.

The Cleveland Guardians were defeated by Gerrit Cole and the Yankees 4-1 at Yankee Stadium

MLB scores and the Dodgers win the opening game 5-3 to hold on to the San Diego Padres

Jack Wheeler and Aaron Nola will face two Phillies aces in the next two games

Verlander was replaced in fifth when Brian Abreu came out of the bullpen, leading Seattle 6–3.

The Los Angeles Dodgers, Houston Astros, Atlanta Braves and New York Yankees played their first game since the season ended.