United State: Charles Rettig Retirement as IRS Commissioner

Friday the Treasury Department has announced the departure of IRS Commissioner Charles Retigo

Ratig's departure comes as the IRS was awarded $80 billion over the next 10 years to go after tax fraud and modernize the agency.

The White House may find it difficult to rescind funding until at least 2024, with the Democratic administration.

It also includes significant adjustments to the tax credits that have improved the state of child poverty in the United States.

The agency was also supervised by Rating as it almost dealt with allegations of politicization from both the left and the right.

"We are nearing the start of a new day at the IRS," he said in a statement Friday.

The commissioner administration in Donald Trump's tenure is right to end the Biden administration to the IRS.

The agency and its dedicated staff have faced scandal and inefficiency under Mr. Ratig's failed leadership.

As a career IRS employee, the new Acting IRS Commissioner who held a role in the agency for more than 36 years