Who is Jen Kiggans,  who ousted Rep. Elaine Luria?

Between the two leading female Navy veterans, Jane A. Keegans is speculated to oust Representative Ellen Luria.

Keegans took advantage of her background as an aging nurse practitioner to be military-heavy.

Luria was one of the first women to serve as a naval nuclear reactor on combat ships. She became commander after a career spanning two decades.

She took widespread dissatisfaction with the economy and stoked inflation. 

Early in 2019, Keegans ran for state senate saying she was inspired by the blue wave of 2018.

According to Keegans, those conservative women who were seeking to fill that void were underrepresented, despite previous experience in politics.

Keegan's father was a Green Beret and she became one of the first women trained to fly Navy helicopters today.

She has not seen combat but has flown missions in the Persian Gulf and Kosovo.