Woman stuck between two overweight people in flight shared pictures

Recently, a woman who traveled three hours with American Airlines reported that her seat was between two fat people. 

It was not a pleasant experience for Sidney Watson as she took to Twitter to share pictures of herself being torn between two overweight passengers.

She said it was one of the most unpleasant experiences in life 

A woman who took a three-hour flight with American Airlines realized that her seat was between two fat people 

She wrote: "I am currently in between two fat people on my flight. This is absolutely not acceptable or okay.

As expected, this thread soon caused quite a stir and people shared details about similar experiences on flights.

However, there were many users who accused Dr. Watson of embarrassment and instead accused the airline of allotting them seats. 

Following this outrage, the US airline has offered Dr Watson a $150 voucher as a 'sign of goodwill'.